Track All Disaster Management Operations

Emergency Management coordinates activities from multiple departments and organizations. See how Crisis Track works specifically with each operation.

Graphic of a damaged building

Building Damage Assessments.

Rapidly perform damage assessments and safety inspections on residential or commercial buildings.

Graphic of debris

Debris Removal Tracking.

Estimate debris removal costs and self-monitor your debris removal operations.

Graphic of roads and a bridge

Roads and Bridges.

Conduct road, bridge, and culvert damage assessments using pre-determined replacement costs.

Graphic of a police car

Police and Fire Departments.

Track evacuations and perform initial damage reports from mobile devices in the field.

Graphic of a sewer pipe

Water and Sewer Utilities.

Perform rapid damage assessments on water and sewer infrastructure.

Graphic of a park

Parks and Recreation.

Track debris removal and recreational facility damage.

Graphic of a GIS icon

GIS Department.

See how Crisis Track integrates directly with Esris ArcGIS Online for situational awareness apps and further analysis.

Graphic of a volunteer

Volunteer and Other Municipal Organizations.

Track applicant disaster, management labor, and equipment time, for municipalities and volunteer organizations.