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Frequently Asked Questions

Crisis Track Software Requirements

Do I have to install software to use Crisis Track?

Crisis Track consists of a mobile application and a web console application. You can download and install the mobile application by clicking the download button in the footer that corresponds with the Operating System of your mobile device. You do not need to install software to run the web application.

What are the system requirements for using Crisis Track?

The Crisis Track mobile application works on any Android, iOS, or Windows 10 device. The web console will run on any desktop or laptop with a modern internet browser.

What if I do not have an Internet connection?

Crisis Track will work on your mobile device even when it doesn't have an internet connection. When the device finds Internet connectivity, data from the device is transferred to the server. The web console requires a constant internet connection.

Is my data secured?

Crisis Track secures data on both the mobile device and the servers. Data is stored on the device for only as long as a user is logged in. After a user logs out the software transfers the data to the server and wipes the data from the device. Crisis Track encrypts all data transfers between the device and the server. Data on the server is protected by a firewall and only accessible through an administrator password.

Crisis Track Workflows

How can I access my data?

The Crisis Track web console will allow you to print your data using FEMA standard formats or export your data into Excel or an Esri® shapefile.

How do I get Technical Support?

You can contact Crisis Track technical support by emailing support@juvare.com. Your support request will be answered within 24 hours.

Crisis Track Subscription

My agency will not allow me to purchase by credit card. Can you generate an invoice?

No problem! Just email us at info@juvare.com or call 866-200-0165

How do I cancel my subscription?

No problem. Just log into your Crisis Track account and go to Account/Plan. Click Cancel My Account at the bottom of the page.