Emergency Management Solutions

Crisis Track designed functional tiers to fit specific solutions within Emergency Management. Find the right Crisis Track solution for your organization.

All Hazards Emergency Management Software

Crisis Track offers the most powerful emergency management solution on the market today.

  • Incident action plans
  • Resource management and requests
  • Situational reporting
  • Search and rescue operations management
  • HazMat spill cost recovery
  • Evacuation survey and reentry permitting
  • Includes all functionality of the Damage Assessment tier and the Disaster Management tier

All Hazards Emergency management is complete with full incident management capabilities.

Graphic of a hazard symbol
Stock photo of situation reporting

Situation Reporting

Crisis Track makes emergency management situation reporting easy and standardized.

  • Streamline SITREPs by auto-populating information from various Emergency Support Function groups
  • Easily configure the report to meet your organization's specific needs or use one of the Crisis Track SITREP templates.
  • Setup SITREP notifications by email for each operational period

Incident Action Planning

Crisis Track helps you quickly create your incident action plan from either the EOC or from your phone.

  • Capture IAP data from your mobile device without needing internet connectivity
  • Manage resources and identify resource needs
  • Export and store IAPs for each operational period
  • Tailor the IAP to collect only the information needed for a specific type of incident
ICS worksheets
Photo of Search and Rescue planning in Crisis Track

SAR Incident Management

Crisis Track helps search teams plan, manage and document search activities for more efficient, more accurate, and better documented search operations.

  • Use local GIS, topographic, and aerial photographic maps to efficiently plan search areas and assign mission tasks
  • Use mobile devices in the field to locate positions within search area and capture search data
  • See all search team locations and clues in real time
  • Automatically generate and save standard ICS and State SAR forms like ICS 204 and ICS 214.

HAZMAT / Spill Response Incident Management

Crisis Track helps you quickly analyze, track and document the events and costs associated with HAZMAT Response incidents as well as prepare documentation needed for reporting and cost recovery.

  • Use the mobile app to quickly identify and organize responders reporting at the scene
  • Use local GIS, USGS topographic maps, and aerial photography to quickly analyze the potential effects surrounding the incident
  • Provide real-time incident maps for local officials and public situational awareness
  • Document total operation costs through the software's automated resource time tracking
Stock photo of a hazmat management operation
Stock photo of a hurricane evacuation route

Evacuation and Reentry Management

Crisis Track uses your organization's infrastructure location and property ownership data to help you plan evacuation surveys and issue reentry permits.

  • Plan door-to-door evacuation surveys
  • Approve reentry permit applications using GIS and tax data
  • Issue incident specific reentry permits based on the area of concern