Emergency Management Solutions

Crisis Track designed functional tiers to fit specific solutions within Emergency Management. Find the right Crisis Track solution for your organization.

Complete Disaster Management Software

Crisis Track's Disaster Management tier provides you with complete functionality for managing a disaster.

From the initial reports of damage to FEMA grant management, Crisis Track offers you one solution for all of your disaster management needs.

Graphic of disaster management personnel
Stock photo of a citizen making a report

Citizen Self Reporting

The Public can help you cover more ground to better identify the area of concern. Crisis Track provides multiple ways to capture initial reports of damage.

  • Publish the pre-configured citizen self reporting website
  • Apply proven call center workflows to document citizen reports and emergency measures tasks within Crisis Track
  • Immediately see initial damage reports inside of Crisis Track for situational awareness and operations planning

Labor and Equipment Resource Tracking

As your organization completes tasks in the field, Crisis Task records the time and location of the teams for automatic documentation.

  • Preload force labor and equipment lists before the incident occurs
  • Track labor and equipment time used for all disaster management tasks
  • Export time records to auto-completed FEMA Project Worksheets and ICS forms
  • Track and report volunteer time and donated resources
Picture of equipment resource tracking from Crisis Track
Picture of road damage from the Crisis Track mobile app

Debris Estimation and Removal Tracking

As part of a comprehensive disaster management solution, Crisis Track provides you with tools to estimate quantities and track debris removal.

  • Estimate and map debris quantities
  • Include debris costs into preliminary damage assessment estimates
  • Monitor debris removal operations from debris loading to drop off
  • Complete FEMA load and unit rate tickets

Public Assistance Grant Management

Submitting FEMA forms is now painless and more accurate. With a few clicks, Crisis Track outputs disaster data captured by your field teams into correctly formatted FEMA forms.

  • Save hours of paperwork with auto-populated FEMA forms
  • Monitor all disaster documentation in one location
  • Export your data into Microsoft Excel, GIS, and most crisis management systems
FEMA worksheets